Benedict Cumberbatch · Tom Hiddleston

Loki to face off Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange

Tom Hiddleston has hinted that he would like to face off the Benedict Cumberbatch’s marvel character Doctor Strange. They both are old friends and the night manager certainly wants to do a little mischief to get the upper hand. 

Benedict Cumberbatch first appeared with Tom Hiddleston together in Steven Spielberg’s War Horse. It was surely an interesting duo. Even Benedict Cumberbatch wants Tom to join marvel group before his signing up for Doctor Strange.

It is for sure that the amazing pair would have some mind blowing battles on screen. But there is a little uncertainly in the air about staying in the third Thor movie. 

Even he is a little unsure that how many times would he play Loki again. It is also known that Tom Hiddleston has other friends in the Marvel world like Charlie Cox. It is true that we would love to see Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Middleton together

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